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Line Lead, Peoria, IL

• 1 Year experience in a warehouse environment

• 1 Year in a leadership role required

• Must have packaging experience

• Must have the ability to work well under pressure

• Must have excellent organizational skills

• Will be supervising and coordinating the activates of workers engaged in packaging products and materials

• Responsible for ensuring quality standards are met before shipment

• Observes packaging operations to verify conformance to specifications

• Must have ability to interpret work orders to workers and assign duties

• Will be analyzing and resolving work problems, or assisting workers in solving problems

• Monitoring workers productivity

• Motivating workers

• Controls and implements job assignments/rotation plans

• Assures materials are being properly handled, routed, and controlled

• Assure safety standards are being followed

• Examines work for exactness, and conformance to policies and procedures

• Performs hourly checks on tables and tracks progress of workers

• Verifies counts on material being packages

• Sets scales to determine the number of pieces each container requires for all orders

• Inputs information into the computer and prints out paperwork

• Verifies packaging work orders

• Pays close attention to dates on material in order to determine what materials are to be used first

• Communicates with superior when problems arise

• Keeps track of daily labor sheets including part numbers, and adjust if quantity discrepancies are present

• Assigns bags/boxes to material and creates a sample to be checked by supervisor

• Assigns table numbers to all materials

• Notifies supervisor when a blueprint is needed

• May be required to assist in the flow of the line as needed

• Prints labels

• Tallies up production orders upon completion

• Audits and closes Tri Wall

• Manufacturing experience

• Team lead and basic computer skills