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Welcome to Manpower of Central Illinois

We’re proud to celebrate over 50 years of putting people to work in Central Illinois. As a locally owned and operated company, we’re delighted to support our communities with employment opportunities; providing individuals not only jobs, but also opportunities for skills training and assessment, and offering companies innovative workforce solutions in staffing, including temporary, temporary-to-permanent, permanent placement, payroll and HR consulting services.

Manpower of Central Illinois has helped both companies and individuals navigate the ever-changing world of work. In addition to our local expertise, we also have access to the resources and support of a parent corporation that spans over more than 80 countries. With Manpower of Central Illinois, you get the best of both worlds: locally owned and globally connected.

Whether you are a job seeker looking for a new and challenging career opportunity, or a company seeking customized human resources solutions, you can rely on Manpower!

Make the right decision for a job future. Manpower has given me the ability to make a life for me and my family. No one ever gave me a shot and now I have a full time job with benefits. This is the first company I have worked for which established respect and gratitude for my work. If your looking to be appreciated for your hard work manpower is the place to go. They will set you up with a position fit for you and YOUR success is there primary goal. So grateful for manpower!

Christian, Associate May 21, 2020