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      “My special thanks goes to Austin who was assigned to me from day one, and who went over and beyond in supporting me throughout this almost one year journey. He always answered my calls, and explained everything clearly. All the while he never let even my(very thick accent bother him) Lol. Kudus to this young man! I honestly could never have asked for a better team, Manpower is more than a temp company, it feels more of a family and i know a lot of other people share my sentiments. I will always refer everyone who needs a job to look no further than Manpower! you guys rock!”

      Mercy Associate Springfield December 1, 2021

      “I would like to take a moment to highlight how well Kim is doing.  She is very detail oriented, she follows our guidance, and she asks when not sure.  Not only has she been noticed by our staff, but she has also been noticed by our customer.”

      Korey Client Springfield September 1, 2020

      The first month of the Covid pandemic…trying to figure out how our operations would continue was stressful. However, the first day several of our Manpower temporary workers appeared even before their shift started…Manpower temporary workers are continuing to report to work each day and have provided us with stability while we continue to work onsite.

      Julie Client Springfield July 7, 2020

      Make the right decision for a job future. Manpower has given me the ability to make a life for me and my family. No one ever gave me a shot and now I have a full time job with benefits. This is the first company I have worked for which established respect and gratitude for my work. If your looking to be appreciated for your hard work manpower is the place to go. They will set you up with a position fit for you and YOUR success is there primary goal. So grateful for manpower!

      Christian, Associate May 21, 2020

      “I do know, the colleagues I have from you now are working out fantastic”

      Deb, Client July 3, 2019

      Good news….we will be hiring Malayshia to be a full-time employee **Another successful placement!! Kudos to you all!!

      Tina, Client July 2, 2019

      Brittany, thank you so much for this week’s assignment. They were very helpful and I enjoyed being there. I hope there will be opportunities in the future to represent Manpower. Truly appreciate your thinking of me. Warmest thanks

      Ellen, Associate August 1, 2017

      Moved to Peoria, got a job the SAME day. They are not like other temp agencies, they really help.

      Eulon, Associate May 9, 2017

      My experience working with Manpower has been great.  When I went to Manpower and took all of the testing; I was able to go out on assignment very quickly.  They were professional, compassionate to what I was looking for in an employer and matching me with the right company.  Manpower will also contact you to follow up on how the job is going as well. I have been with Manpower for a little over a year on the same assignment and I have been happy.  I am very glad I made the decision to go Manpower to seek employment.   Mattie

      Mattie, Associate April 27, 2017

      Hi Kasondra! Just letting you know I had a good first day of work and believe this is it for me! lol  Thank you so much for doing what you did and having faith in me so I could get my foot in the door! Your Awesome! : )


      Nate, Associate January 17, 2017

      I started with manpower 11 years ago when I moved to Rantoul.  I have always had a great experience both as an employee and as a line Supervisor as well.  I would like to thank you for the service provided to our company. The staff is professional and polite and makes my job easier.

      Latrica, Associate February 16, 2016

      Manpower is and remains the leader in the workforce solutions. With Manpower, it is win-win for everyone. I am very impressed by the quality of your service and your deep desire to properly supervise your employees. That is great and wonderful.

      Abraham, Associate February 16, 2016

      I feel that Manpower has done an excellent job at negotiating our contract to keep our associate employed when there is such turbulence in the job market.

      Wesley, Client February 16, 2016

      They are awesome; they have always fulfilled our need of participants for focus groups. Their employees are very professional too.  They had a representative present to check in participants and make sure everyone showed up.

      Tim, Client February 16, 2016

      I am so grateful to have access to quality associates who are interested in learning the duties here and truly seem to care about doing a good job. All recent associates have been very pleasant and easy to work with. I am thankful for their contribution.  Pleasant personalities and professional appearances for dealing with the public.

      Anne, Client February 16, 2016

      It had been many years since the first time I had reached out to an employment agency, as it were,  my situation had made it necessary for me to do so.  I am grateful that someone had suggested Manpower. The experience has been handled in a professional and friendly manner, and I was placed quickly.  I am very pleased and thankful to the staff at Manpower!

      Brenda, Associate February 16, 2016

      Every single time I step in to the office, I find the staff hard at work. It’s a great thing to see staffing consultants be so thorough in acquiring information from potential employees because every little bit of information helps when trying to find work. The consultant’s work around the clock trying to pair potential employees off with potential employers, which is another great thing. It’s great to have someone in your corner who truly believes that you’re worth going to bat for, that you’re worth taking a chance on. So, in short, quality and excellence.

      Kenneth, Associate February 16, 2016

      Good hardworking, understanding, helpful people in the Mattoon IL office.Thank you for everything you do! Much appreciated.

      Vickie, Associate February 16, 2016

      Manpower has done a pretty good job in finding us qualified associates.

      Loretta, Client February 16, 2016

      Employees at Manpower have provided us with good workers and are always quick to answer any questions we may have.Keep up the good work.

      Keith, Client February 16, 2016

      Very simple to work with and quick to find me work and placed me in a location that I enjoy working at.

      Chad, Associate February 16, 2016

      The staff at Manpower was very professional. We were in good communication and over the course of a little time; they were able to place me in a very interesting position. They have access to quality employers and proven knowledge/ability in recruitment. They were also very respectful and courteous and good listeners. I highly recommend this Manpower office.

      Katherine, Associate February 16, 2016

      My experience with the Manpower staff has been really nice and sweet, the young ladies are very helpful and considerate and very professional.  I would recommend anyone to go to Manpower for a job.  Every time I walk in they are willing to help, with a smile.

      Anthony, Associate February 16, 2016

      “I love the job that I am doing now, I am so thankful I came to you guys. This is my first time using a temporary service but I am very pleased with you. You guys really work with people in order to place them, and I didn’t get lost in the system. Very professional environment and staff, I have recommended some other people I know to come see you.”

      Jennifer, Associate February 16, 2016